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The sun will shine more, itʼs warmer as well as the snow record is not truly bad, and of course in case you keep below the mountain you might be in tantalising reach of the beaches of Nice and Cannes. This area is one of the few in the planet where you are able to have a morning skiing but still get down to the shore for a late lunch in the sunshineyou still get down to the seashore for a late lunch in the sun and can have a morning skiing Show more…

We travel for several reasons, occasionally it is for a straightforward want to see the sun and relax on a beach, but often we travel to see monuments of glory that is previous to get a sense of history or to experience another culture through sights and tastes. France may not be as exotic as ancient Egypt or China, but it does have history. And an excellent appreciation of food and winewine and food

The single city on the planet to have been decorated in honour of its own bravery in the face of an enemy, Warsaw continues to be extensively reconstructed following the chaos wreaked by Nazi Germany following its invasion in 1939.

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